The project “Season of the Shadows” express the intention to give back a semblance of life to places which have been abandoned since a long time.
In the past decades, this old houses located in the countryside where I grew up, have been empty due to the demise of the last farmers that lived there.
Their ruins are the concrete testament of an epoch that’s disappearing. The nature is slowing taking back the occupied areas, redefining the landscape and the relationship between human being and space, and how their identities are strictly correlated to each other.

With the use of different day light moments and a selective illumination made with multiple flashes, I represented this places through my personal experiences, turning them into an inner landscape, an imaginary scenario. The past and the present melt into each other producing an indefinite and surreal time. Black shadows, faceless characters, they wander inside the rooms becoming the representation of absence.

The photographs lack a predominant point of interest and show several dark areas with the purpose to invite the viewer to enter inside the picture and discover its details: an image in which to get lost, together with the shadows that inhabit it.